Writing–and all creating– is about being a channel.

To write as freely and quickly as possible, I take time daily to do Julia Cameron’s ‘Morning Pages’: three pages of long-hand brain dumping first thing in the morning. I’ve done them since about 2006 without much interruption.

I also do a warm-up write before I write a new chapter. (Both are now on my laptop using Scrivener software). This is a lot like Morning Pages, but it often includes questions and ideas about what might happen next in the plot.

I don’t write outlines, but I have found that adding to Scrivener’s note cards as I go is useful.

As of this posting, I write 3-5 days a week during my son’s nap. I aim for a warm-up and a new chapter of around 1,200 words. I’m a firm believer in writing first and editing (much) later.

You can find more writing tips and descriptions of my process on Logodaedely: the Blog.


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When Katie’s parents got divorced last year, things were tough. But now summer vacation promises trips to the farm, new baby kittens, and treehouse sleepovers, not to mention letters from Uncle Edmond, currently in a hot air balloon race around Africa!

But everything changes when Katie’s dad asks her to spend a whole month at his house in Minneapolis— and her mom goes on a date!

As things unravel, Katie relies more and more on her amazing imagination to escape into the world of Uncle Edmond’s adventures.

Then a phone call turns her world upside down. Will Katie be able to handle a real life crisis?


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