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The Surge

“it’s not the size but the surge that tells us when we’re in touch with something real”

-Mary Oliver

What Kind A Life

“You ask me if I have any regrets. What kind a life you livin havin no regrets? You tell your story but you ain’t got no climax. You best get back in the ring.”
-John Craigie

“Take me as I am, not as I want to be.”
-Chris Smither

Afraid to be Afraid

“…there are two reasons that people won’t tell you that they’re afraid. First, because our culture has taught us that fear is something to be ashamed of. But far more than that, because we’re concerned that if we share our fear, you’ll push us to go forward, and we’re afraid to do that.”

-Seth Godin

Stories Work on Humans

“… anecdotes aren’t science. Like coincidences, they’re by-products of our story-seeking minds, connections we make as we search for solace in a confusing world.
“… Somehow, we’ve persuaded ourselves that we need to pretend that our anecdotal interventions are actual scientific breakthroughs instead of embracing the fact that we’re humans, and that stories work on us.”

-Seth Godin

Confidence & Limitations

“Confidence is knowing your actual limitations– as opposed to your fears and worries.
I think the closer we get to our real limits, the more at ease we are with ourselves.”

-Jon Poppele