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Compliments Are Not the Goal

Compliments aren’t the goal. They aren’t even proof that something good happened. Compliments just show the audience’s awareness of what happened.

When I perform, I know when connection happens; even on an off day, I can feel it. If I get too attached to or interested in someone else’s praise after a show, it’s easy to think that praise is the goal, the point.

But praise is a mirror: I saw it too!

The point, the connection in the moment— that happened whether anyone gave a standing ovation or not. Compliments might say more about a culture than about a performance.

That said, everyone needs mirrors. (Mirrors and Models). Just be aware of who you are using as your mirrors. Other artists with a facility for your art form? A mixed age audience? Your favorite audience? Pay attention to the variety of mirrors, and of whose feedback is most helpful at different stages of the process.

Animal Tales tours the Arrowhead

Are you in Northern Minnesota? I hope you can join me for one of these free shows! (And bring your friends).

How did Turtle get cracks in its shell? Why do dogs sniff each other’s tails? Why does Bear hibernate all winter long? Kids and families will love finding out the answers with these interactive folktales from around the world.

This program, sponsored by Arrowhead Library System, was funded in part or in whole with money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. 


SVEA with Cook County High School Choir

The SVEA Singers will do a few songs as part of the spring choir concert on Thursday, May 18th.

7pm at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Grand Marais, MN.

Yvonne, Erika, Erin, & Rose at WTIP

The choir is directed by SVEA’s own Erika Ternes, the musical genius who can write an arrangement in five minutes or less.

… and who can do stupid human tricks:


Writer’s Salon at Drury Lane Books

I hope you’ll join me at Drury Lane Books in Grand Marais. I’ll perform stories from “The Marvelous Imagination of Katie Addams” and give a preview of “Jorian and the Golems of Grimm,” out next summer.

If you’ve seen me perform as a storyteller, you know what to expect: character voices, sound effects, and some audience participation.

If you haven’t… check out this video, or this one.

See you Saturday,


Julgädje at the American Swedish Institute

julgladje banner

I’ve been dressing up as Tomte Kajsa and performing with Ross Sutter for years at this lovely event. This is the first time we get to kick off the season with shows the weekend right after Thanksgiving.

Beautiful music, a chance for the kids to be part of the show, and traditional dances around the tree.

Be sure to leave time for a trip through the Turnblad Mansion, all decked out for the holiday.

TICKETS: $5 ASI members adult; $3 ASI member child /$6 nonmember adult

Information here.

Add a Little Circus to Your Author Talk

I performed stories from The Marvelous Imagination of Katie Addams over the weekend. I’m still not sure what to call it– but I knew that “author talk” was not going to turn a lot of heads.


So I put on my storytelling hat (or in this case, sparkly skirt) to add some oomph to the event. I wanted to stand out– for it to be obvious right away that this was going to be FUN. (And I’ve always found costumes liberating; No point in being shy if you’re already wearing a square-dance-worthy crinoline and stripy tights, right?)


I listed potential stories; stand-alone bits that I could tell without giving away the overall plot, but which would have all the satisfaction of a good folk tale. (Click here for a free download of five of my favorites)

Though I didn’t refer to the cards, I brought them along; there’s nothing worse than drawing a blank on what story you planned to tell next!

I told “The Hot Air Balloon Race,” “The Pharaoh’s Tomb,” and “Godfather Death,” plus some nice little transitions about my cousins’ farm (of which the Johnson farm in the book is pretty much a complete copy). I answered a few questions, and then closed with “Letter From Antarctica.”


It was a wonderful event! The stories flowed. I didn’t get stuck on specific words– a real concern since I never wrote down my oral stories but always worked them up aloud. It was fun to see where embellishments came in that don’t exist in the book.

Three times as many people showed up as the library expected, including a guy I’ve seen there many times but have never spoken to. He turned out to be a Pillar Listener– his face lit up, he was so engaged and, unlike my dear Midwesterners, he showed it! Whenever I was wondering if people were really with me, if my crazy outfit was too over-the-top, I panned over to him and got an infusion of creative affirmation.

Afterward, my friend Jeff Niesen gave me this! The slightly Tim Burtonish version of me (!!) and some of the characters from the stories.


“Absolutely wonderful new juvenile book at the library.” -Grand Marais Public Library

“Terrific book reading Rose… such a gifted writer AND performer!” -Mica

One librarian told me ‘I wouldn’t just say this– I read a LOT of books– But I just LOVED it!’ As someone who has loved libraries forever (and regarded them as magical places), this is high praise where it counts. (And it’s pretty cool to see my book on the shelves– even cooler to find out there’s a waiting list for it. I love my community!)


Click your heels. Make your wishes. Try something new. Tell stories you love.


Wishing you some sparkle and color in your day!

What Feeds the Soul

My own art, other people’s art– it’s all part of being an advocate for Joy.

When we all experience life as being Magical and Good, then we don’t have anything to be afraid of.

art feeds the soul 2

Ennis made some gorgeous watercolor art in school. I must be biased– how magical to see a person I “made” go on and make something– but irrespective of his parentage, I love the way he draws, the asymmetry and the way the paint bleeds.


Don’t know if Per (pronounced “pear,” the Swedish way) is equally impressed, or what her personal philosophy on the Easter Bunny might be.


Friends (and soon-to-be Grand Maraisans) were up over the weekend. Thank goodness their kitchen was out of commission and they came to our house to dye eggs– otherwise I would have missed it.


More Ennis Art: “Monster and Tree Monster.” I’d like to screen print a t-shirt with the fellow on the left…





I came across a new book! I’m typically anti-series; it so often feels like the story was drawn out for marketing reasons rather than to best tell the Story– but this was fun and I’ll read the rest of the trilogy. I love doorways and portals to other worlds!


The fabulously talented Jeff Niesen came to my book performance at the library. I saw him sketching as I told stories from “The Marvelous Imagination of Katie Addams.” Lucky me– afterward he GAVE this to me! Here I am along with some of the characters from the stories.


Sharing art, doing what’s easy for you and passing it on– that’s the best magic of all. I love that I told stories (pretty easy for me after 14 years), and Jeff just doodled this.

Wishing you much mutual inspiration and generosity!