Animated. Poetic. Interactive.

Storytelling programs are typically 50 minutes long and can be tailored to fit audiences of young children, kids, teens, adults, and families. 

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Animal Tales of How & Why

How did Turtle get cracks in his shell? Why do dogs sniff each other’s tails? Why does Bear hibernate all winter?

Best for: ages 5-10



Favorite & Forgotten Fairytales

A giant without a heart, a goose made of gold, an enchanted prince…


Best for: ages 7-adult



Folktales from Around the World

Meet a Japanese pearl diver, an Indian brahman, Anansi the spider trickster and more on this world tour.

Best for: ages 7-adult



Funnier Than Fiction: True Stories

Has your little sister ever blurted a family secret in front of the whole church? Have you ever been picked up by the French police? Do you know what happens when you move to India and eat curry day after day?

Best for: adults


Living History: Delia’s Decision

Help Delia Nilsson decide whether or not to emigrate from Sweden to Minneapolis in the early 1900’s.

Best for: ages 9-12



Old Mc Donald’s Sing-Along Stories

Sing along as Old McDonald has a birthday, Itsy Bitsy the spider has her first adventure, and Dish and Spoon run away together.

Best for: ages 4-7



Scandinavian Sagas

There are adventures to be had east of the sun and west of the moon! Watch out for trolls, make a bargain with the wind, and learn how to make nail broth.

Best for: ages 7-adult



Tomte Kajsa’s Swedish Christmas

Tomte Kajsa is 333 years old and can speak to the wind and to the animals; she knows the secret of the first snowflake of winter and what lies beyond the Edge of the World.

Best for: ages 8-adult



Custom Program

Do you have a particular theme for your event? Make a request for a customized program.