Classes For Adults

For teachers and other story enthusiasts. Workshops available in 1, 3, or 6 hour formats. View pricing guide here.

Storytelling Essentials: how to tell stories to children

Teachers learn the elements of telling a good story to connect with students, take story time beyond the picture book and a history or science lesson beyond the text book. No memorization required! Practical, Interactive, Entertaining.

Tell the Tales of Your Family Tree

Modified for adults: rather than focusing on oral history interviews to collect stories, participants pick memories from their own lives.

North Woods Narratives: nature storytelling retreat

Learn the fundamentals of telling a good story through folk tales and personal experiences in the great outdoors. Whether your purpose is education, entertainment or both, the Grand Marais harbor and Sawtooth Mountains are the perfect backdrop for telling tales of the woods! Craft that fish story into a real whopper or share the legends of the constellations, all without memorization! You’ll participate in Story Mining to discover you have more stories to tell than you might have thought, guided imagery to make the details vivid, and some theatrical tips to make the scenery and characters really come to life.