Creative Writing & Storytelling Residencies for Elementary Classrooms

Download the residency pdf here

Animal Tales of How & Why
Students explore “before and after” to explain how the leopard got its spots, why ostriches have long necks, and how the fish learned to swim.

My Imaginary Friend the Superhero
Students dream up an Imaginary Friend with super powers. Everyday life inspires a comic book adventure, complete with villains, devious plots, and daring escapes.

What the Stars are Made Of
Students combine the questions of their hearts with the wonders of nature to create original myths that pair topics such as love + stars, family + trees, or grief + rain.

The Flip-side of Fairytales
Students invent their own interpretations of classic stories. What if Little Red’s granny lives in New York City? What if the Three Little Pigs explore outer space? What about the Giant’s version of pesky Jack and the robbery?

How Residencies Work

You may choose to have any residency use creative writing, oral storytelling, or a combination of both.

Oral Storytelling


  • What the narrator’s job is
  • How to make characters speak
  • How movements tell the story, too
  • What details are important
  • What the story is really about
  • How to remember a story without memorization
  • How to listen, comment and ask questions as a Story Buddy

Creative Writing


  • How to write first, edit later
  • How to make a place and characters real
  • How to write dialogue and interior thoughts
  • How to show emotions using simile and metaphor
  • What details are important
  • What the story is really about
  • How to read, comment, and ask questions as a Story Buddy

Structure & Scheduling

Most residencies begin with an assembly story performance for all participating students. Course lengths may vary from one, four, or more sessions. If time allows, students may perform/share for classmates, other classrooms, or the general public. A typical week-long residency of 5 days with up to 4 classroom visits per day costs $2,500.

Length, structure, academic focus, and cost can be tailored to suit your needs— just ask!

Download the residency pdf here


Creativity support is vital. I check in with a variety of buddies– ranging from writers to freelancers to illustrators to actors– every week.

Julia Cameron says,

“Believing Mirrors” are people who mirror us back to ourselves as powerful, strong, and in our most positive light.

If you would benefit from a keen listening ear to sort the gold from the dross in your writing, public speaking, or theatre performance; want to clarify your artistic vision; or crave intuition and accountability so you can finish a project, I encourage you to fill out the short application here.

I only provide coaching to people who are a mutually good fit. Let’s start a conversation!