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Ghost Hatchery: NaNoWriMo Begins

We meet Vi and her best friend, Sparks, on the last day of junior year just as they begin their ritual of dumping all books, binders, and notebooks in the trash.

We also meet Joey and Mikey, and Tony LaCosse invites them to the end of the year junior-senior party that night.

TheGhost Hatchery: Outline: Do I remember my brilliant idea?

Outlining before writing is new for me. I’ve always been a “pantser.” It’s seemed easier to trick myself into thinking I’m just going for a little stroll, rather than being honest and saying I’m committed to a marathon.

But after reading “Wired for Story” by Lisa Cron, and attending a couple of her workshops, I started to convert. She says that once you write words, you get attached to them, sometimes at the sake of the story. I also began to notice that when I edit novels, I have to go back and retroactively outline.

In this episode, I review the outline and backstory I created over the summer.